Friday, September 9, 2011

Hidden Veggies:)

Ever wonder what is the best way to get all the vegetables you need in a day? I do, all the time. While Ava and I LOVE veggies (and fruits), Rob doesn't eat them nearly as much as we do. So I thought of some ways to add more to your diet.

I stumbled across something called "green smoothies," packed with....drum roll please.... SPINACH!!! Sounds gross doesn't it? Rob thinks so. In fact, he refused to try any fruit smoothie I made that had it in there....Until I didn't tell him there was spinach. :) Clever. Turns out, you CAN'T taste spinach mixed with all the fruits and what not! Got me thinking, can you add other veggies to main course dishes? The answer is, OF COURSE!!

Try adding shredded zucchini to spaghetti sauce. The zucchini takes on the flavor or whatever it's mixed with. (You can also bake it into banana bread, or even just the bread part without the bananas:) )

Try adding purred carrots to mac and cheese! (For my recipe from scratch, see below)

And then of course add spinach to smoothies:) I packed in enough spinach in my smoothie today to get me ALMOST a whole serving! Oh, and for the smoothies, I like to make them with honey flavored Greek yogurt:)

So pretty much, you can add veggies to all kinds of dishes. Try experimenting with different veggies in different dishes. It's great for those picky eaters, and also if you just need a boost of veggies with your meal! Enjoy!

My made from scratch Mac and cheese-

What you need:
Shredded Cheese
(I eyeball everything)

Make a rue (melt the butter over medium heat, mix in flour to make like a paste). When that is finished, as it shouldn't take long, slowly add the milk while stirring. The goal is to not have any clumps. I would add a little, stir, and wait a minute or so to see how thick it is. Then add more milk if you need to. Add the cheese and salt, stir and serve! If you're adding in purred veggies, do so at the time you add the cheese. Enjoy!

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