Saturday, September 3, 2011

Homemade dishwasher detergent

We're almost out of dishwasher detergent. I thought there HAS to be a recipe somewhere for this! I mean, there's several different laundry detergent recipes, so, why not! Right? Right!

I found this from tipnut, a wonderful website that has so many different recipes for all sorts of things, how to do many things yourself, how to make things. Really cool. ANYWAY. I'm pretty sure I just used the last bit of our detergent this afternoon, so I'm just going to wash out that jug really really good and put the mixture in that. I have all the ingredients for it from having them for my laundry soaps.

What you need:
1 part baking soda
1 part borax
1 part water
(optional) 1 drop of lemon or orange essence oil per cup of detergent

Mix all together really well. Store in a sealable jug. Use 2-3 TBSP per each load. If you notice that your dishes get cloudy do to hard water, etc, add a bit of vinegar to the rinse compartment on you dishwasher (I have looked in ours, and I have absolutely no clue where this is located).

*NOTE* DO NOT breath in the borax! It is dangerous to your lungs to breath in the powder. Also DO NOT touch it with your bare skin for prolonged periods of time; it will cause skin irritation.

We haven't made this yet to try it out, but I'm really excited to give it a try!! I prefer a liquid to a powder, but here is a powdered detergent.

What you need:
1 cup borax
1 cup of (your choice) baking or washing soda

*NOTE* Baking soda and washing soda are NOT the same thing! WASHING soda is used solely for cleaning purposes and laundry boosters. BAKING soda is used for personal use, cleaning purposes, AND cooking!

On a very sweet side not that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the detergent, my son. Rob is holding him (changed his diaper after him waking up), trying to get him to go back to sleep. He is sitting on the couch with him, and he was just twisting his head to look up at his daddy! It was the sweetest thing EVER! I hope everyone has a great evening!

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